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* Fluoxetine and SSRI antidepressants are reported in many studies to cause initial short term weight loss in the first 6 months of therapy, followed by long term weight gain. If the study is short term, some studies will show weight loss, but in long term use studies weight gain is the usual outcome.
↓ 0.77 pounds short term initial weight loss followed by weight gain (58)
↑ 2.42 pounds average in 26 weeks; (short term study) (58)
↑ 4.84 pounds average in 38 weeks; (long term study) (58)
↑ 6.82 pounds average in 50 weeks (long term study) (58)
↑ 4.4–5.5 pounds of weight may be gained (49)
↑ > greater than 7% weight gain in 17.9 % of people in controlled study 46 weeks (long term study) (149)
↑ 2.86 pounds average gain above placebo (no drug) in 4 weeks (short term study) ( dose 60mg / day ) in matched people on olanzapine for DSM-IV schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder confirmed with the SCID DSM-IV (703)
↓ Weight not significant compared to placebo (no drug) in obese people during 1 year study (long term study) (704)
↓ Weight after 8 weeks (short term study) (-3.1 fluoxetine vs, - 0.9 kg placebo (no drug), for a difference of 2.2 loss between drug and placebo p<0.0007) in obese people with Type 2 Diabetes (705)

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Generic Name: Fluoxetine 
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